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At FC Kallon, our success is steered by a dedicated and experienced management team that brings vision, expertise, and passion to every aspect of the club. Get to know the individuals who lead us on and off the field.

Certified Coach

At FC Kallon, our commitment to excellence extends to the coaching staff who play a pivotal role in shaping our players and guiding the team towards success. Meet our certified coaching team, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the beautiful game.

Dedications & Professional

At FC Kallon, our foundation rests on unwavering dedication and a commitment to professionalism. These principles are embedded in every aspect of our club, shaping our approach to football, community engagement, and beyond.

Years of Experience
Mohamed Kallon - Owner

Founder and owner of FC Kallon, Mohamed Kallon's vision has been instrumental in shaping the club's journey. His passion for football and commitment to community development are the driving forces behind our success.

Sahr William Ngegba - Chairman

As the Chairman of FC Kallon, Sahr William Ngegba provides strategic direction and leadership. His dedication to the club's values and community impact initiatives reinforces FC Kallon's commitment to excellence.

Charlie Wright - Co-Manager

With a wealth of coaching experience, Charlie Wright shares the role of Co-Manager at FC Kallon. His tactical acumen and passion for player development contribute to the club's competitive edge on the pitch.

Musa Kallon - Co-Manager

Musa Kallon, serving as Co-Manager, brings a dynamic approach to player management and team strategy. His dedication to nurturing talent aligns with FC Kallon's commitment to continuous improvement.

Message from CEO & Owner

The FC Kallon Objective 'Win progression' Continues...

The players development objective of FC Kallon continue to be successful, as our young players three years ago, will be playing this year’s Western Area Football Association (WAFA) Qualifier for a spot to join the elite Sierra Leone Premier League Clubs.
These players were in one of the FC Kallon ranks (U14) three years ago, and they have developed in recent time to represent the Club comfortably.
This is what we refer to as winning. We prioritize winning on our objective/model; which focus on players’ growth, and providing the platform to excell and represent various national team levels.
‘Win’ is a relative word, that depends on achieving your set target/goal. We are delighted to see our young players on the field tomorrow, playing against Murray Town Rovers at the Angola Playing Field.
The young Shall Grow…💪🏾🙌🏾

CEO & Owner